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ACP Handling

At Viva, we handle our products with utmost care. We use protective equipment like gloves, eyeglasses, etc. We ensure that our products are free from damages such as scratches, folds, and dents.

Our Aluminium Composite Panels are packed in solid wooden crates which ensure its complete protection. We also make use of forklift(s) of adequate loading capacity while unloading crates from container or truck.


  • Store the sheets at an ambient temperature in a well-ventilated area which is free from direct sunlight, moisture, water and any chemicals.
  • The floor area where the ACP sheets are to be stored must be covered with a wooden skid or polythene sheet.
  • Cover the stacked sheet with polythene to avoid the effects of harsh environment condition and contamination by water, moisture and foreign particles on sheets.
  • We also recommend storing the sheets horizontally. If stored vertically, the base should not be more than 10 degree or else it will bend due to self-load.
  • Physical damages can be avoided by stacking only same-sized pallets. More than 5 pallets should not be stacked because it leads to impressions on sheet and skidding of pallets.
  • We or contaminated sheets should not be stored. In case there is any contamination found, dry the ACP sheet by blowing hot air or wipe dry with a cloth before storing it.
  • The standard room temperature should be maintained and the FIFO (first-in-first-out) rule should also be followed.

Inventory Management

Same-colour panels from different shipments of batch production in the warehouse should not be mixed. Each coating batch is unique; mixing panels from different batches on a single building surface would create a feeling of colour reflection difference.

Stockiest distributors should offer small projects of same-colour panels from the same batch they have in stock. Or at least each surface of a small building must use same-colour panels from the same batch.

For larger projects, clients are requested to place all panels required for an identical project within one single order.

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