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Though there are many more good bacteria, there are some harmful bacteria as well. If you consume or come in contact with any harmful bacteria, the bacteria may reproduce in your body and release toxins that can damage your body’s tissues and make you physically unwell. Bacterias are known for causing several diseases like skin infection, food poisoning, throat infection, cold and pneumonia, etc.

Any bacterial infection hit those people first who

  • has a weak immunity system
  • are already suffered from diabetes, renal disease, heart disease
  • are pregnant ladies
  • children

Bacteria or any types of microbes are generally generated from water, air animals, plant, soil and etc.

When virus and bacteria enter into the human body. Our antibodies give us the strength to fight with that virus and bacteria, which is called our immunity system or strength. Similarly, in microbes family, there are many types of bacteria and fungi also. Which we can avoid transmitting from one surface to another surface by killing and reducing the rate of generation of bacteria. Based on the available details we the Viva team has studied some bacteria and fungi which are found in our routine life on a daily basis and these can infect us with the several diseases like skin infection, food poisoning, throat infection, cold and pneumonia etc.

We, at Viva Composite Panel Pvt. Ltd. understand how harmful some bacteria are and for that we have taken this challenge to research and build anti-bacterial ACP products in India. Anti-microbial/bacterial ACP sheets are of increasing interest due to the greater public demand for hygienic living conditions.

Our team has studied and found out that on a painted surface, microbes can double in number every 20 minutes. This can cause the development of stains, unpleasant odours and even impact the aesthetics, durability and hygiene of a product.

Viva’s anti-microbial ACP sheets repel microbes, kills them on contact as well as in close proximity to the surface by releasing a biocide.

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