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Top Reasons To Use R-screen System

Top Reasons To Use R-screen System 1024 512 Viva Composite

Rainscreen claddings are used to protect the exterior walls from rainwater but it provides a plethora of other benefits as well. It can be described as a water-shedding material that is placed on the exterior of a commercial building. One of the primary reasons why rain-screen cladding is used in construction is to prevent any damage caused by rainwater. Rainscreen cladding also helps to control the temperature inside the building.

Apart from protecting the exterior facade of the building, here are some of the key reasons why rain-screen claddings are so popular –

  • Aesthetics – Rainscreen claddings are known for its versatility and so it is advantageous from a design perspective. Using rainscreen cladding is an excellent way of modernizing old properties and ensure that new constructions have a contemporary appeal.

  • Reduced building maintenance – This installation process is without the use of sealant which is highly attracting dust particles and melts silicone after a periodic interval. Using Rainscreen system cladding protects the exterior wall of a building from harsh environmental effects. This significantly slows down deterioration. Materials such as aluminium cladding will ensure the building and future owners benefit from very low maintenance.

  • Sound Proof – Installing rain-screen cladding adds an additional layer to the exterior facade of the building which makes the interior of the building sound-proof. This is especially useful when it comes to any building construction in urban areas near major roads.

  • Easy Installation – Rainscreen claddings are lightweight which makes it easy to install. The cladding can be installed with little to no disruption to the occupants of the building.

  • Energy Efficient – Using rainscreen cladding on the outer surface of the building makes it cooler during summer and also provides adequate warmth to the building during winter. With rain-screen cladding, energy bills can also be reduced by 30%-40%

One of the most surprising facts about Rainscreen cladding is that it has been around us in one form or another for over hundreds of years. Today, it has become a common cladding material in commercial and residential projects.

What makes Viva ACPs one of the leading Rainscreen cladding manufacturers in India? 

Viva is one of the best ACP sheet manufacturers in India. Our products have been trusted and selected by Architect, Builders, and Fabricator fraternity in India as well as overseas for over 18 years.

Here are some of the reasons why you should purchase Viva’s rainscreen system – 

  • Can be installed on new projects as well as refurbishments
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Silicone free installation resulting in a clean and consistent appearance of façade
  • Open groove installation
  • Impact and weather-resistant
  • A high degree of water tightness and structure stability
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Increase shelf-life of cladding & facade
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Improves thermal and acoustic insulation
How Viva ACPs Are Inspired By Nature

How Viva ACPs Are Inspired By Nature

How Viva ACPs Are Inspired By Nature 1200 628 Viva Composite

ACPs are the choice for the modern generation to adorn their building. As we live in concrete cities, our lives miss out on a touch of nature. Viva ACPs are inspired by nature’s elements, wonders, happenings, and the universe itself. We understand how important it is to feel nature and stay close to it in this modern lifestyle. Here we will discuss some of our ACP series which are highly inspired by nature.

First, let’s know about the beautiful natural stone series. It’s vividly inspired by the texture and colour of the stone. Some of the inspirations behind our natural stone series are famous buildings and sculptures around the world like The Acropolis, The little mermaid statue, The Moai, Taj Mahal, Colosseum, Machu Picchu, Petra, and Stonehenge.

Our Corten steel series is very earthy and ethereal. It gives your building an artificially rustic feeling and antique appearance. Natural Corten steel takes years to reach its peak patina and the change is also very little. By keeping in mind, the customer’s requirement, we have developed this pre-painted Corten steel featured ACP sheets.

The next series is inspired by the timeless beauty of Sand. Our Dessert series is beautiful and classic. It gives your building the finish of beautiful dessert inspired colours and makes it stand out. It gives your interior also the classic dessert looks which can make your mood light anytime.

Our Metal Abstract series promises you an era you have never seen before. This series promises a rough finish and weather tolerance. It comes with advanced technology, PVDF Coating, and 15 years of warranty. We create products that help to unlock distinctive, long-lasting, and edgy creativity.

Viva’s wooden texture and wooden series ACPs are inspired by the natural beauty of the wood. It’s evergreen, beautiful, and imperfectly perfect. This series adorn your building and gives it a very nature like finish.

Lastly, our Galaxy series is inspired by the universe. The inspiration behind it is “Explore the universe”. The planets of the solar system have inspired our series with their colour and texture. The enchanting beauty of this series can easily calm your soul.

When it comes to our HPL Series (6mm ACP) you know you are opting for something sustainable and nature friendly. The inspiration behind this series is when “Art meets nature”. This series is for people who are inspired to live a better life without harming our mother nature. This series is a reflection of your personality.

With Viva, uplift the style of living and stay close to nature. Give your building the look and feel it deserves.

Why Use VIVA Anti-Bacterial ACP Sheets

Why Use Anti-Bacterial ACP Sheets?

Why Use Anti-Bacterial ACP Sheets? 1200 628 Viva Composite

It is needless to mention that we spend most of our time outdoors than indoors, where we come in contact with bacteria, germs, and microbes that cannot be seen with naked eyes. Microbes multiply themselves every 20 minutes and this can be responsible for the development of stains, unpleasant odors, illness and affects the durability and hygiene of a product.

While we spend most of our time outdoors and when we return home, those bacterias and germs are also unknowingly welcomed in the house. There are some bacteria and fungi with which we come in contact every day which can potentially infect us with various diseases like skin infection, food poisoning, throat infection, pneumonia, etc. This is even more harmful to those who have a weak immunity system, have diabetes, renal or heart disease, pregnant women, and children.

So is there any way to keep the bacteria at bay?

Yes, at Viva, we have introduced anti-bacterial/anti-microbial ACP sheets in our product range. It is a giant step by us which we have taken intending to provide relief to people by offering them a permanent solution to keep their indoors free from bacteria. Viva’s anti-microbial/anti-bacterial ACP sheets repel the microbes, kills them on contact or close to the surface by releasing a biocide. Our anti-bacterial ACPs are ideal for interiors that are prone to bacteria and microbes like Hospitals and Healthcare centers, Gym, Kitchen, etc.

use anti-bacterial ACP sheets - VIVA

Viva, being one of the leading ACP manufacturers in India, our products are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and CE certified. We are also known for using Lead-free paint certified by the IGBC which poses no threat to the environment. Our in-house finished product testing labs ensure the highest quality & precise specification.

With our 18 years of experience in the industry, we have been able to rank as one of the best ACP manufacturers in India. We also have an excellent network of distributors and dealers across India, South East Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

Why ACP Sheets Are Available In Various Thicknesses

Why ACP Sheets Are Available In Various Thicknesses?

Why ACP Sheets Are Available In Various Thicknesses? 1024 512 Viva Composite

Aluminium Composite Panels are flat panels made up of rubber and aluminium. ACP sheets are available in various shades, designs, texture, thickness and sizes. In today’s era, the demand for ACP sheets is very because of the unparalleled properties that it offers. It makes the interior or exterior surface of a building clean, bright and enchanting which gives it an aesthetic look. ACP Panels are used for building exterior walls, interior wall, ceiling decoration, renovation of old buildings, advertising signs and display stands.

The thickness and sizes of ACP sheets largely depend on the height at which it is to be installed. It is because of the difference in wind velocity in various altitudes. At Viva, our ACP sheet thickness is divided into 3mm ACP, 4mm, and 6mm. Thick ACP sheets of 4mm and 6mm are used for buildings and offices.

acp sheet sizes

ACP sheets which are used for interior and exterior possess a different set of broadness and thickness. ACP panels which are of 3mm thickness are used in trolley and drawers. 6MM ACP sheets are used for exterior purposes as they are quite strong and sturdy.

Viva, being one of the largest ACP sheet manufacturers in India has a collection of 3mm, 4mm and 6mm Aluminium Composite Panels which are of superior quality. We also offer the highest number of ACP shades in the country – Corton Steel, Galaxy, Dessert, Natural Stone, Premium Marble, Classic Sparkle, Mirror, Premium Wood and many more to go. The shades and textures can also be customized as per the client’s requirement. Our ACP sheets also come with various properties such as Fire Retardant, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Scratch and Self-Cleaning. We use Lead-free paint, certified by the IGBC which poses no threat to the environment.

Highlighting some of the most FAQs about ACP sheet

Highlighting Some Of The Most FAQs About ACP Sheet

Highlighting Some Of The Most FAQs About ACP Sheet 1200 600 Viva Composite

ACP sheets are mainly used for internal and external architectural cladding. Aluminium Composite Panel sheets are modern-day cladding materials that come with a lot of advantages. ACPs are designed to make your home or office look aesthetic. The best quality ACP sheets come with the following features –

  • Fire retardant
  • Highly durable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to process
  • Light in weight
  • Recyclable and easy to maintain
  • Available in a wide range of patterns and shades

However, it is quite obvious that you will have a few questions before you plan to buy ACP sheets. We have highlighted some of the very common FAQs about Aluminium Composite Sheets –

What are the components of ACP sheets?

ACP sheets comprise of –

  • Protective film
  • PVDF/FEVE resin-based coating
  • Primer coating
  • Aluminium coil
  • Adhesive film
  • Mineral/LDPE core
  • Anti-corrosive coating

What are the various thicknesses of ACP sheets?

We recommend the thickness of ACP sheets for external application are 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, & 8mm. In the case of internal application, the thickness are 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm based on the application area.

Why choose ACP sheets as cladding material?

Aluminium Composite Panel sheets are the most flexible and versatile cladding materials for residences and commercial complexes. These sheets are lightweight, easy to install, and are very cost-effective and hassle-free to maintain. ACP sheets are available in a variety of shades which makes your exterior and interior look aesthetic. At Viva, we have the largest number of shade series available like – Corton Steel, Galaxy, Dessert, Natural Stone, Elemento, Mirror, Premium Wood, Rustic, Glossy, and many more to go. We can also customize our ACP sheets to any shade as per your demand.

What are the features of fire retardant ACPs?

Fire Retardant ACP sheets are those which is non-combustible. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Viva’s fire retardant ACPs –

  • Low Flammability – Helps safe evacuation and saves the life
  • Allow people to vacate the building timely
  • Minimize the losses when a fire occurs
  • Generates low smoke
  • Zero burning droplets
  • Delays flame spread
  • No toxics fumes

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What is the warranty period of ACP sheets?

We would recommend you to purchase ACP sheets from a reputed ACP sheet manufacturer in India as they provide a long time warranty for their ACP sheets. At Viva, we provide 10 years warranty for our ACP sheet.

Are ACP sheets scratch resistant?

Some of the ACP manufacturers in India do provide anti-scratch or scratch-resistant ACPs. At Viva, we provide anti-scratch ACPs which features

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Incredible Surface, easy to clean and maintain
  • Perfect for short-throw projections and interactive board

These are some of the top FAQs about ACP sheets in India. If you are looking for the best quality ACP sheets at Viva, our ACP sheets are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and CE certified. Our fire-retardant 7-Star ACP sheets have passed NFPA 285-2019, EN 13501-1:2018, and ASTM D1929-16 which is certified by Thomas Bell-Wright.

Fire-Retardant ACP Sheet Manufacturer- Viva

Viva – A Leading Fire-Retardant ACP Sheet Manufacturer In The World

Viva – A Leading Fire-Retardant ACP Sheet Manufacturer In The World 1200 600 Viva Composite

The best quality of façade materials creates a great first impression. ACP sheets are designed to make homes and offices look visually appealing. The leading ACP sheet manufacturers in India provide a huge range of ACP shades for commercial or residential buildings, Bungalows, and Mansions. Those elegant shades provide a futuristic look to homes and buildings.

Apart from giving an appealing look, ACP sheets are also fire retardant. Fire-retardant ACPs have gained a lot of popularity and demand on the market due to its very special property which ensures the safety of people. These types of ACPs feature mineral core with a 70:30 ratio between inorganic materials and polymer. As we all know that buildings are always at the risk of catching fire due to short-circuit or any other issues, you need to make sure that everyone is safe and that is when fire-retardant ACPs comes to use. The fire retardant cores that these sheets have, make them non-combustible. As these ACP sheets are thermal resistant, they do not conduct heat very quickly.

Viva is one of the leading and reputed ACP sheet manufacturers in India and its products have been trusted and selected by Architect, Builders, and Fabricator fraternities in India as well as abroad over the 18 years. Viva is the first in India to introduce FR grade Aluminium Corrugated Composite Panel (ACCP) which is lightweight, fire-retardant, easily bendable, and easy to fabricate. It also features superb surface flatness and is very easy to install. It’s weight is less than 4kg/m2.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Viva’s Fire Retardant ACPs –

  • Low Flammability, which helps in safe evacuation and saves lives by giving more time to people to vacate the building as it delays the spread of flame
  • Generates less smoke
  • Zero burning droplets
  • No toxic fumes

Viva’s FR class B ACP is made of 70% mineral and 30% LDPE core while FR class A2 is made of 90% mineral and 10% LDPE core.

At Viva, we manufacture the best quality fire retardant ACP sheets which ensure the safety and security of the people. Viva has the best quality ACP sheets which can resist fire easily and are certified by Thomas Bell-Wright. We also use Lead-free paint, certified by the IGBC to maintain a healthy and safe environment.

Transform Work Spaces With Galaxy Series

Transform Workspaces With Galaxy Series

Transform Workspaces With Galaxy Series 1200 600 Viva Composite

Our workplace/office has become a sort of home which is kind of away from our actual home. As per many research, office environments which feature high-quality indoor environment can help employees become more productive. The aesthetics of workplaces and its impact on employee’s well-being is connected. Not just employees, it also leaves a huge impact on that prospective client who walks into your office for a meeting. This is why it is absolutely pivotal to make the interior and exterior look of the workplace pretty attractive. A beautiful office can contribute so many things which are better for you, your employees and your clients.

At Viva, we understand the value of an exquisite workplace and for that we are immensely proud to present our Aluminium Composite Sheet from the very famous Galaxy series. As the series suggests, the name of the shades is given based on the celestial bodies of the solar system. With Viva’s Galaxy series, gift your workplace a celestial look that feels wondrous and totally out of the world. The shades are based on the natural colour of the following planets –

  • Mercury – Experience the magic of Mercury at your office workspace.
  • Venus – Experience the aura and splendour of Venus at your workplace.
  • Earth – Enjoy the liveliness of earth at your workplace.
  • Mars – Enjoy the vibrancy of red planet at your office.
  • Jupiter –Embrace the greatness of the giant planet Jupiter at your workspace.
  • Saturn – Make your workspace as unique and eccentric as Saturn.
  • Uranus – Make your workspace unusually beautiful like Uranus.
  • Neptune – Embrace the tranquil colour of Neptune at your workspace.
  • Pluto – Make your workspace as fascinating as Pluto.
  • Sun – Make your workspace stand out and magnificent just like Sun.
  • Moon – Experience the elegancy of Moon at your workspace

What makes Viva one of the best ACP sheet manufacturers in India?

Viva was set up in the year 2003 in Mumbai, Maharashtra and its manufacturing units are equipped with state-of-the-art Korean machines with advanced technology to ensure world-class products. Our products are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and CE certified and are immensely trusted and selected by architects, builders, and fabricator fraternity in India as well as abroad.

We, at Viva, not only care about the looks and feels of our products, but also safety and security. That is why we have successfully introduced fire retardant ACPs which are certified by Thomas Bell-Wright. It can resist fire for as long as 2 hours, produces less smoke, doesn’t lead to flashover, and zero flaming droplets.

Viva’s Superior HPL ACPs

Viva’s Superior HPL ACPs

Viva’s Superior HPL ACPs 1200 600 Viva Composite

The aim of using a high-quality ACP sheet is that it makes the interiors and exteriors of a building visually appealing. ACP sheets come up in a great range of designs and patterns which adds a great deal of classiness to high-rise commercial and residential buildings, bungalows, and mansions.

Viva is one of the premier ACP sheet manufacturers in India and its products are trusted and selected by Architect, Builders, and Fabricator fraternities in India as well as abroad over the past 18 years. When it comes to ACP shades, Viva has a wide collection of shade series to flaunt, like Corton Steel, Galaxy, Dessert, Premium Marble, Natural Stone, Elemento, and Mirror, to name a few.

One of our most popular shades which are loved by many is the HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) series shades. It is one of the most reliable, durable, and cost-effective decorative surface material. Viva’s HPL series features unparalleled quality and durability and is available in a wide variety of colours and patterns which makes the surface eye-catching and appealing.

There are a plethora of reasons why you should choose Viva’s HPL series –

  • It features aluminium base which is far more superior than the paper base and it is 90° bendable.
  • It features natural-looking wooden and stone shades which look quite aesthetic. It can also be customized to just any colour.
  • It has a dark brown core to match wooden and stone shades
  • Available in 6mm and 8mm thickness.
  • Light-weight with easy to fabricate and install.
  • It is a green product that is recyclable.
  • Available with anti-bacterial properties.
  • Features zero moisture absorption.

It is fire-resistant (FR Class A2 & B1), water-resistant and termite-proof

The weather-resistant and scratch-resistant features are also available.

Being one of the leading ACP sheet manufacturers in India, these are some of the best properties which Viva HPL series features. The shades offered by Viva’s HPL are – Sparkle White, Tiger Black Marble, Ferrari Red, Versace Brown, Armani Black, Charminar Red, California Rustic, Natural Walnut, Cement, Chic Paradigm, Parlato, Plain Teak, Paldao Rustic.

ACP Sheet Design and Signage

The Role of ACP Sheet Design and Signage

The Role of ACP Sheet Design and Signage 825 510 admin

Introduction of ACP Sheet design and Signage

Signage in India has evolved as a curious mix of artificially imposed ideas along with the conventional connect that conversations have with signs. In recent years, acp sheet design and signage has witnessed a substantial boost and gets highly prioritized while working on a project. Along with basic vinyl and flex usage, ACP material is extensively used to design signage. The combination of two factors- relative ease of directly relating to signs and the low-cost maintenance of aluminum composite panel sheets has given a big boost to signage made up of aluminum composite material.

What significance has the combination of signage and ACP panel assumed?

While signage holds a great deal of significance in the current marketing landscape, its combination with the ACP Sheet design has had a more substantial effect. The low-cost ACP sheet brands used in these signage boards provide a cost-effective method to business owners to market their products. Also, since the aluminium composite panel requires little maintenance, it allows the business owners to allocate their funds to some of the other business requirements.

However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to design a corporate identity. Signage design demands the complete involvement of designers’ minds. Designing a signboard using aluminum panel is a lengthy process and requires the designers to have an adequate understanding of the brand and its customers. It requires strict adherence to the process of 4’D’.

Are you acquainted with the 4’Ds’ of retail designing?

  1. Defining: It incorporates various facets associated with branding like the logo, history, target audience, etc.
  2. Designing: It involves determining the design of the main board by considering the store type.
  3. Deploying: It requires the integration of brand across all mediums.
  4. Delivering: It demands coordination among the design team and the brand’s team for enhanced consolidation among online and offline spaces.

Lately, the market has seen the customers shifting from traditional sign boards to more appealing signage that can adequately match the splendid architecture and interiors. The emergence of ACP sheet design in signboards is a sign of its growing popularity.

Signboards made of composite panel sheet are not only high quality and state of the art products, but also last longer than other signboards. They also look more appealing compared to flex and vinyl sign boards. Also, easy ACP installation gives these products the upper hand over its competitors.

How can ACP contribute to creating attractive signage and ACP sheet design?

Aluminum panel sheets can help create digital signage, including LED and video walls. Since the ACP sheet design can be used as desired, it allows for better detailing in ACP signboards. ACP framework also guarantees weatherproofing also. Moreover, it offers a creative structure while maintaining a spectacular glow throughout. Thus, it provides a seamless look at the signage.


The signage industry has witnessed a mixed bag of experiments in the last couple of decades. This period has seen a widespread usage of aluminum panel sheet in high-end signage boards. With more innovations in the pipeline, the signage industry is set to be revolutionized further through the effective utilization of ACP.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

ACP Sheet Manufacturers In India

ACP Sheet Manufacturers In India – Who Is The Best?

ACP Sheet Manufacturers In India – Who Is The Best? 825 510 admin
ACP sheet is one of the most popular sustainable materials that are used worldwide for the building construction industry. In India, the Aluminium Composite panel industry has an annual volume of more than Rs. 1500 crores and a requirement of more than 400 million square feet. The industry is growing upswing at a steady rate of about 28% to 30% per year.
They are sandwich panels comprising of two aluminium (ACP) sheets bonded to an organic mineral-filled inner core material which could be of high density or low density. The lightweight, aesthetics, good acoustic properties, fire-rated properties easy installation and very low wattage make it the material of today. ACP Sheet is highly resistant to acids, alkalis, pollution and has excellent sound and heat insulation properties. ACP sheet help in energy conservation by the building as per the ECBC code.

Top ACP Sheet Manufacturers

Viva Composite Panels is one of the big players in the Indian market. The company is headquartered in Mumbai and has a massive manufacturing unit with a capacity of 4 million square meters per month in Umbergaon – Gujarat. The company is using dual extruders which have doubled its production capacity and reduced the energy consumption by 25%.

Viva has an outstanding R & D department that introduces and offers new ranges to the customer on a regular interval. The company works in tandem with the emerging trends of the construction industry.

Basic Features of Viva Composite Panels

  • Year of Inception – 2005
  • Alloy used – AA3000 series
  • Core Material – LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene)
  • Panel Thickness – 4mm (reference code)
  • Weight– 5.2 kg/m2
  • Tensile Strength of Aluminium Panel – 38.35N/mm2
  • Coating – PVDF coating
  • Coating thickness – 26.8 micron
  • Adhesive Film – 50 microns thick adhesive lamination film for exterior panels and 40 microns thick film for interiors
  • Warranty – 10 years