Seven Interesting Facts About Aluminium Composite Panel Sheet

Seven Interesting Facts About Aluminium Composite Panel Sheet

Seven Interesting Facts About Aluminium Composite Panel Sheet 1200 600 Social Media

It is said that the first impression goes a long way, and it is definitely very much true and applicable when it comes to any façade of commercial or residential buildings. Keeping this in mind, choosing a premium quality of exterior gradefaçade material becomes absolutely pivotal in order to make buildings’ façade looks classy and attractive. For this purpose, Aluminium Composite Panel sheets are specially designed in order to gift your home or office an aesthetic look. Choosing the perfect ACP Sheet is of immense significance as it adds the touch of aesthetic and classiness to the building with its modern and futuristic appearance. ACP sheets are also used for making the coverings of Ceilings, Pillars, Furniture and Interior Walls. Apart from this, wooden and marble finish ACP sheets are used in the façade of Bungalows, Gates, Pergolas, etc.

To simply define the structure aluminum composite panel sheets, it is made up of non-aluminium core that with two fairly thin aluminium coils in between. ACPs which are used for the purpose of revamping the interiors and exteriors of buildings comes in numerous natural textures, colours and finishes. Just like this one, here are some of the top interesting facts about ACP sheets –

  1. Robust Physical Properties ACP sheets are immensely known for their strong properties. ACPs are corrosion resistant and can resist extreme temperatures ranging from -50° to +80° Centigrade. ACPs are also known for their properties of heat and noise insulation and keeps the building cooler and quieter.

  2. Eco-friendly – Aluminium Composite Panels are known for being energy-efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly. ACPs are eco-friendly in nature and can be recycled without its quality being affected. Aluminium is one of the most recyclable material in the world. 

  3. Non-Toxic – ACPs are less toxic when compared to other materials. The best quality ACP sheets are manufactured by following strict industry standards and quality control measures. There are materials like marble which are very toxic and the workers who work in marble industry suffers from Rheumatoid pneumoconiosis, which is a disease caused due to the result of prolonged exposure to silica dust. However, in aluminum industries, such diseases are not reported. Aluminum does not release any sort of gases or fumes which are harmful to human health.

  4. Lightweight – The weight of the construction material which is used during construction affects the total cost of the construction as the materials which are heavy, demand multiple vehicles to transport to the site. Even after the materials are transported to the site, the workers would consume a significant amount of time just to move and install them. Aluminium Composite Panels are very lightweight and thus, it saves both time and money.

  5. Fire ResistantThe best quality of ACP sheets have an FR grade feature which means that they are resistant to fire because due to the presence of mineral core in between the aluminium layers. Viva has been the first in India to introduce FR grade Aluminium Corrugated Composite Panel (ACCP) which is non-toxic and does not releases any toxic gas and adheres to sophisticated environmental protection requirements.

  6. Available in diverse range of colours ACP sheets or solid aluminum sheets are available in a wide variety of colours and styles which gives you the freedom to choose the colour and style as per the requirement of your business or home. Viva, as one of the leading ACP sheets manufacturers in India has a wide range of ACP sheets to showcase like Natural Stone, Galaxy, Desert, Corten Steel, Elementoand so much more.

  7. East Customization – ACP sheets gives freedom to architects to show their creativity as ACP sheets have the property of customization. ACP sheets can also be painted in just any colour you like and shades like wood bark or natural stone are also available.

Viva is a premier ACP sheet manufacturing company in India providing Aluminium Corrugated Core Panel, FR Grade Mineral Core, and Low Density Poly Ethylene ACP Sheets. Viva is immensely known in the construction industry for its impeccable quality of production and customer service.

Why Wooden ACPs are better than Timber for your projects

Why Wooden ACPs are better than Timber for your projects 825 510 admin

ACP has revolutionized the way modern building facades look. The face of urban development in every way, VIVA Aluminium Composite Panels are a class apart in terms of quality and convenience. In order to stand out among the crowd, in the busy commercial streets of your city, having a striking façade is extremely important. Retail spaces of today are constantly looking into doing something amusing and different that grabs the attention of shoppers instantly. Those who are in the environment friendly, nature-related business would love the look of wood and timber houses, as it would go very well with the ethos of the brand. If you are looking into a having a wooden exterior or cladding, here’s every reason why you should backtrack and head over to the nearest VIVA store:

  • Weather resistance

Wood is not the best at resisting to all types of weather. With the rains and atmospheric moisture content come the rotting and damage caused by fungus and mould. Even if you are using it simply as a sign board, you may face these issues. Why deal with all the hassle? Go with Viva Aluminium Composite Sheets instead and you’ll get the dual benefits of a natural wood look with the convenience of ACP composites!

  • The looks means all

When it comes to natural wood you may be limited with choice and grain size. Moreover, contemporary spaces look for an old and weathered look on wood that is not ideal if you choose actual old and weathered wood. With Viva ACP, you get unlimited choice in the finish of the grain, textures, colours, grunge overlays and more. You can even customise the same. You can also go for a combination of two wood textures, to really make a mark. Viva ACP sheets are available in 3mm to 6mm thickness

Completed Project from Kerala 🏢 🔖 Project Name – Arkind Building 📌 Location – Kakkanad Ernakulam ( Kerala ) 📐 Quantity- 4000 Sft. Fabricator – Horizon Nizar Architect Arkind Associates

Posted by Viva Composite Panel Pvt Ltd. on Sunday, March 22, 2020
  • Strength and Durability

Even though Aluminium Panelsis more lightweight than natural wood, it is more sturdy and durable. Moreover, Viva ACP sheets are scratch resistant and are capable of resisting wind loads at high rise buildings. So with Viva ACP, your brand can climb to the uber-space of top floors in commercial building and still have a wooden signage without any hassle!

  • Fire retardants

If you are using wood in interior or exterior spaces with high sensitivity, which is usually the norm in tech parks and villages, you cannot choose wood as it is a deterrent in terms of fire safety. However, if you go with VIVA sandwiched panel, you are guaranteed with a fire safety rating of B1, A2, and A2+ certified by Thomas Bell Wright.

  • Economy and convenience

Needless to say, good quality wood and timber are exorbitantly priced. If you want to go with special finish, grains and textures the cost can really mount high. With Viva Aluminium Plastic Composite Panel, you can choose any type of wood texture you like without having to worry about costing.  Moreover, Aluminium Composite Panels are much easier to install and are extremely reliable in terms of cleaning and maintenance for several years.

Timber-look wrapped aluminium combine the natural warmth of timber with the durability and performance of aluminium…

Posted by Viva Composite Panel Pvt Ltd. on Sunday, November 17, 2019

When it comes to choosing between natural wood and ACP, Viva ACP is the clear winner. The Viva team is always looking for new ways to incorporate modern and sophisticated wood textures to our catalogue. Our extensive wooden series, wooden textures, premium wooden series and natural wood series covers the latest trends in contemporary design.

Advantage of Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) in retail design

Advantage of Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) in retail design 825 510 admin

A sandwich structure consisting of a low-density poly-ethylene and mineral core with thin skin-layer coils bonded to each side, Aluminium Composite Panels have found use in a variety of industries in recent years. Traditionally having been used extensively in the aviation industry, today ACP sheets are used for everything from interior design to signage, covering a variety of market sectors. The usage has especially taken off in the retail design sector as they pose several advantages to clients from a design perspective as well as for convenience in construction for architects and interior designers.

Given that they are sheets, ACP panels are easy to procure and install. However, there may be many fakes out there given the popularity. Viva ACP sheets are completely inferior quality manufactured in-house at Umbergaon, Gujarat using state-of-the-art Korean machines. Our world-class ACP sheets can widely be used in retail spaces as they are light weight and easy to assemble. Given the right core, ACP sheets show incredible fire resistance making it the ideal choice for interior usage. Viva ACP sheets have a fire safety rating of A2 and A2+.

ACP’s have also been used extensively as claddings in the retail space, as they are rigid and strong. The wall claddings can also be used externally even in high-rise skyscrapers, as ACP is very well resistant to high wind pressures. As they can be easily cut, drilled, punched and moulded to 3D shapes, given the right treatment, they can make any retail space have an urban and contemporary feel. The fabrication and installation is cost-effective and time-saving and is the ideal choice for time-bound projects that require extended usage over the years.

For the more nuanced uses, ACP fits very well in areas that require low noise, including retail book stores and salons, as they provide an assessed sound reduction of approximately 25 dB for normal ACPs and 30dB for FR ACPs. The acoustic insulation adds to the aura of well-thought-out retail spaces.

VivaACP Retail Design
Rainbow Convention Center

Viva ACP is available in 300 colors! With our 22 warehouses pan-India, you can easily procure from us for any of your multi-city retail projects without hassle. Moreover, it can also be customized. Given that we use two Color Coating Lines, we can develop any shade that you require to maintain brand identity.

When it comes to maintenance, Viva ACP sheets can easily be cleaned and washed without requiring any extra attention from the part of the domestic workers. They withstand the test of time with grace and can even be carried along and reused during renovations, which is especially handy for retail spaces, given that one must make room for expansions.

 As they have been well-studied for external usage and are easy to cut into 3D shapes, ACP sheets are best used as external and internal signages, front-office embellishments, door hangings and more. They provide the required aesthetic to uplift any arena with ease.

Lastly, it is important to address that ACP sheets are eco-friendly as they comprise of 80% recyclable materials. We ensure adherence to environment safety as we use Lead-free paint only! Great finish, impeccable flatness, variety of colors, lightweight, durable and eco-friendly – Viva ACP sheets are any Visual Merchandiser’s delight.

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