FR Class B1 & A2

Fire Retardant materials can slow or stop the spread of fire or reduce its intensity. This is achieved by chemical reactions that reduce the flammability of fuels or delay their combustion. Fire retardants may also cool the fuel through physical action or endothermic chemical reaction. Fire Retardant material core is made with Magnesium Hydroxide Aluminium Tri Hydroxide.

Why Choose Viva FR Grade Composite Panel

1. Fire Retardant ACP is a Safe Product
2. Low Flammability, which allows the people to safely evacuate the place
3. Allow people to vacate the building
4. Minimize the losses when a fire occurs
5. Generates less smoke
6. Zero Burning droplets
7. Delays flame spread
8. No toxics Fumes


FR Class B1: 70% Mineral & 30 % Polyethylene Core
FR Class A2: 90% Mineral & 10 % Polyethylene Core

Product Properties

Property Test Method Units Mineral Core               (Class B1) Mineral Core               (Class A2)
ACP Thickness Measurement mm 4.0 4.0
Coil Thickness Measurement mm 0.5 0.5
ACP Weight Measurement Kg/m2 7.6 8.1
Core Density Measurement 1.60 1.87
Peel Test ASTM D 903 N/mm Min. 10 Min. 10
ACP Tensile Strength ASTM D 638 Mpa 55 55
47 47
ACP Elongation ASTM D 638 % Min. 6 Min. 6
ACP Yield Strength ASTM D 638 MPa 47 47
Thermal Expansion ASTM D 696 mm/M/100° 2.4 2.4
Heat Transmission Coefficient (U) ASTM C 1363 W/m²K 5.53 5.53
Fire Classification EN 13501-1 Class B-s1-d0 Class A2-s1-d0
Fire Rating DIN 4102 Class B1 Class A2
Sound Transmission Loss ASTM E 90 dB 25 25
Sound Absorption Factor ISO 354 0.05 0.05

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