Installation at Facade - Viva Knowledge Center (VKC)

Routing & Fabrication Process

During installation, the routing & fabrication process of sheets are very important for attaining the desired finishing on the sheet.

A) The arrow direction of all sheets should be same during installation of sheets to avoid shade variation due to surface orientation especially in metallic colours, special effects & spectra colours.

B)  The thermal Expansion of Viva sheets is (2.4mm/m/100) °C, so maintain proper distance between two panels for thermal stability of sheets. The distance calculation is :
Thermal expansion x sheet length (in meter) x Delta T (Temperature Variation) 2.4 x 3.66 x 0.3 (if Delta T is 30 ‘C) = 2.64 mm.
With this method we can calculate the thermal expansion of the particular length of sheets.

C)  The stiffener & structure should be proper aligned for smooth finish on sheets. (Generally 4*4 Ft or as per recommended structure)

D) It is necessary to take into account the wind pressure at particular altitude and area.

E) To avoid colour variation for part order, batch printed on bottom of sheets must be provided during next order.

F) Take care of diagonal length of sheets during cutting or grooving to avoid the taper finish of panel block. The diagonal should not be more than 2mm.

G) Remove the protective film after installation as soon as possible as after long time more than 45 days it is difficult to remove protective film. Try to avoid remove the protective film below 10 °C.

H) Do not remove the protective film with jerk, remove it smoothly with equal pressure to avoid deflection and humps.

Color Difference

As mentioned in section Storage: Inventory Management, to further eliminate possible colour shade reflection difference among panels on single building surface, clients are requested to place all panels required for an identical project within one single order.

Fixing to Cladding Profile Structure

Change of temperature (either ambient air or heating of construction work) must be taken into account to avoid thermal movement of the panels leading into unacceptable bowing and over-stressing of the fasteners. A quick thermal resistance guidance of VIVA is as follows:

  • Thermal Resistance – 50ºC ~ +80ºC
  • Linear Expansion 2.40 mm per meter at 100ºC

Note that the coating integrity will be damaged if working temperature approaches or over 100ºC. Thus thermal resistance of panel itself also has to do with fabrication.