VIVA  ACP is a perfect substitute of natural wood and HPL and it is made with top and bottom layer of aluminium coil and core material is LDPE and top surface is coated with PVDF coating, which is excellent in exterior application with 10 year warranty and bottom coating is polyester base.VIVA HPL ACP is good durability, impact resistance, moisture resistance, dent resistance, heat resistance, and weather resistance.
VIVA HPL ACP is nil expansion and contraction so it can be install without any gap in exterior as well interior application of the building. It is green building product its reduced energy uses in building and prevent our environment. For getting LEED certificate in any projects its contributes 2 LEED point.

crystal ruff series

Pure White
Metallic Grey
Coffe Brown
VA-85 Off White
Jade Black
Metallic Bronze
Termite proof.
Water proof 100%.
C.N.C cutting possible.
Fungus proof.
Excellent U.V resistance.
Wide range of texture and colour.
Easy to install.
Exterior and Interior application - ( PVDF coating )
Weather resistance.
Beautiful looks.
Sound/ Acoustic insulation.
10 years warranty.
Green building products.
Balcony Cladding.
Gate Elevation.
Outdoor Cladding.
1220 mm X 2440 mm
1220 mm X 3050 mm
1220 mm X 3660 mm.
Thickness – 6 mm (on demand 8 mm, 10 mm)
Coil thickness (Single design) - 0.25 mm (0.50 mm on demand)
Coil thickness ((Double design) - 0.25 mm (0.50 mm on demand)