VIVA FR B1 is sandwich of a mineral core 70 % and LDPE 30 % between two aluminium coil and the top side is coated with PVDF coating which gives excellent weather resistance with a 10-year warranty; this product used both exterior and interior and exterior application.  The weight of the panel is 7.5kg/m2.  It is a green building, environment-friendly and fully recycled products. It is available in a wide range of texture and colour, and we can also supply in customised colour and RAL or PANTONE shades. This product fire rating B1 as per standard EN 13501 -1

Termite proof.
Water proof 100%.
Fire rating B1.
Fungus proof.
Light weight (7.5 kg/m2)
Stain Resistance.
Excellent U.V resistance.
Wide range of texture and colour.
Easy to install.
Exterior application - PVDF coating ( On demand Lumiflon coating)
Weather resistance.
Beautiful looks.
Sound/ Acoustic insulation.
10 years warranty.
Green building products.
Exterior Cladding.
Commercial Building.
Metro/ School / Airport / Railways etc.
Petrol Pump.
1220 mm X 2440 mm
1220 mm X 3050 mm
1220 mm X 3660 mm.
Thickness – 3 mm & 4 mm (on demand up to 6 mm)
Coil thickness, Top and Bottom - 0.50 mm / 0.40 mm/ 0.30 mm/ 0.25 mm.