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How important are Facade Consultants when it comes to ensuring beauty inside and out of modern construction?

How important are Facade Consultants when it comes to ensuring beauty inside and out of modern construction? 1200 600 Social Media

Taking into account the complexity involved in modern-day façades, the design, procurement, engineering, and execution process needs a specialist team that can comprehend the specific requirements and help execute world-class façades. This is where façade consultants come into play.

If the façade turns out to be as planned, we can ensure the success of our project and prevent a costly failure.

What is the importance of facades in architecture?

In addition to being an integral part of the design of a building, the façade also gives the passerby a first impression of what to expect from the structure as a whole.

The façade design not only enhances building design but also adds various functional characteristics such as durability, strength, and security.

Exterior ACP panels do more than adding aesthetic appeal to outward-facing walls.

Due to the constant reformulation of green building regulations, facades are the most critical aspect of a structure since they affect its light transmittance, acoustics performance, and ventilation.

A properly designed façade can help reduce the building’s energy consumption. Improving natural lighting and offering better airflow helps to bring the energy costs down considerably, and add to the lifespan of the building.

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The reason for the growing importance of Facade Consultants in the Facade Industry

It has taken a relatively short time for facade consulting to grow from an almost nonexistent specialization into a potentially high-growth area in India’s construction industry.

It is due to the fact that there has been considerable development in the construction industry.

Gone are the days when a building served merely as a shelter. In recent years, the definition of a facade has undergone a dramatic change due to the separation of the ‘skin’ from the structure (aluminum composite panel cladding), as well as the emergence of new materials and technologies. More and more building projects have incorporated aluminum composite panel cladding into their architecture. Thus the critical input of the facade consultant is imperative for an optimum façade performance and satisfactory outcome.

The Role of Facade Consultants For Successful Construction

There are many aspects to a building’s design, including structural, aesthetic, thermal, safety, security, material, and more. How should the overall facade be oriented with respect to the roads and sightlines? How will the structure interact with its natural and artificial surroundings? – Façade consultants are constantly searching for ways to enhance a building’s performance. The façade engineer is responsible for making the space comfortable for the occupants, so everything from the amount of light that will enter the building to noise levels from the outside environment needs to be taken into consideration.

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In addition to ensuring seamless and coordinated construction, a façade consultant can help in three significant ways:

Increasing the use of sustainable products in contemporary construction is a key concern since they reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency, resulting in lower environmental impact in the future. Government-specified sustainability targets and performance criteria are pre-evaluated by facade consultants.

They have the right resources, experience, and expertise to provide continued advice on ACP panel design including finishes, performance criteria (fire safety, weather-proofing, anti-scratch), technical and cost constraints, etc.

A large part of their job entails construction supervision. A facade consultant is responsible for assisting in perfecting features and prototype validation, monitoring and inspecting supplies at production sites, assisting in investigations of reported failures and defects, etc.


Oftentimes, the cost of building the facade is 35 percent of the total project cost. This cost, however, is considered worthwhile so long as the design is sound.

No doubt, facade consultancy presents many challenges. Even so, these challenges are what make the job of a façade engineer one of the most creative and interesting within the ACP panel industry.


Aluminium Composite Panels are preferred over other cladding materials - VIVA ACP Sheet

Why Aluminium Composite Panels Are Preferred Over Other Cladding Materials?

Why Aluminium Composite Panels Are Preferred Over Other Cladding Materials? 1200 600 Social Media

Beauty in architecture brings us immense joy and happiness. It is worthy of celebration as the aesthetics can make a significant positive difference on how a building looks.

Cladding on the exterior walls and even on the interior of homes and commercial spaces are nowadays becoming immensely popular due to its inherent advantages. It protects the structure from harsh weather conditions and increases its aesthetic value.

Back in the day when ACP sheets were not introduced in the market, every time a new project brief arrived, the architect had to go through the dilemma of selecting the right material for the façade. But today, as we have these modern cladding materials called Aluminium Composite Panels, things are much easier.

Many cladding materials have come and gone, but the beauty and benefits of Aluminium Composite Panels have stayed and will probably stay forever.

ACPs are always among the most preferred choices for cladding. But it’s not just the sheer aesthetics of ACP sheets that makes it immensely popular in the façade renovation sector and the first go-to product. The best quality Aluminium Composite Panels from the leading ACP sheet manufacturers in India boasts superior qualities like durability, fire-retardant, anti-bacterial, etc.

Now, let’s jump into the nitty-gritty why ACP cladding are preferred over other cladding materials.

Some of the other cladding materials are fiber Laminate Boards, Natural Stone, and Vitrified tiles.

Are Aluminium Composite Panels better than the above-mentioned materials? Let’s learn

  • Price–Although the prices of Aluminium Composite Panel vary from brand to brand, but in general the price of ACP cladding is significantly lower than that of wood and marble. ACP sheets are the most budget-friendly cladding materials available in the market.

  • Design and Texture–Being a leading ACP cladding manufacturer in India, we offer more than 300 shades to our customers which includes Corten Steel, Galaxy Desert, Mirror, Sparkle, etc. along with the convenience of customization. When ACPs are compared with their adversary materials their shades and textures are much limited.

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  • Weight – If the cladding material is heavy, then it will be difficult to handle and install. If it is a large-scale project then it will be even more difficult. As Aluminium Composite Panels are the most lightweight cladding materials, they are much easy to handle, install and disassemble. The lightweight feature of ACP cladding makes it easy to transport and use in construction activities.

  • Features – It is needless to mention the unique features of ACP panels. Apart from boosting the aesthetic appeal of a building, they are also available in fire-retardant and anti-microbial variant and they have several other unique properties. Other cladding materials do not have such features to boast of. 

Wrapping up

All the above-mentioned facts simply state how superior Aluminium Composite Panels are when compared to other cladding materials not only in terms of price but also from various other aspects.

However, if you are looking for superior quality ACP claddings, then we at Viva have got you covered with over 300+ shades and other unique features that our ACP sheets have.

ACP sheets contribute to wall ventilation and boost building strength - VIVA

How ACP Sheets Contribute To Wall Ventilation And Boost Building Strength?

How ACP Sheets Contribute To Wall Ventilation And Boost Building Strength? 1200 600 Social Media

ACP sheets can renovate and reinvigorate a building with its charming shades and a plethora of unique benefits that it offers. Aluminium Composite Panels are weatherproof, stain-resistant and superiorly durable. The panels remain intact in their colour, shape and size even after being exposed to harsh sunlight and weather changes, making them ideal for all seasons and weather conditions.

But did you know that ACP sheets also helps in wall ventilation and increases building strength?

Let’s learn how they contribute

But first things first,

What is ventilated façade?

It is a kind of façade construction where an air gap is created between the insulation and the façade cladding. The gap which is open at the top and bottom allows the air to flow, creating a way for the natural ventilation of the façade. The gap also provides thermal and acoustic insulation to the building.

Now let’s understand the significance of ACP cladding

It is needless to mention the fact that the introduction of ACP sheets, gave the builders and architects a brand new option to rejuvenate the building cladding. Besides being budget -friendly and adding a great deal of aesthetic to the building, ACP cladding ensures longevity, weather and fire resistance and are also easy to install.

For buildings, especially the commercial ones, façade is of immense importance. Irrespective of the fact that whether it’s a new building or an old one if you are looking forward to elevating the overall look of the building, Aluminium Composite Panels are the most useful and cost-effective option.

Also, it is much better than paint because painting would demand recoating after a couple of years and it must also be noted that painted surfaces needto be maintained. Their cost-effectiveness comes from the fact that they do not require re-installation or any kind of high maintenance.

Being one of the finest ACP sheet manufacturers in India, Viva’s ACP cladding is resistant to water and other harsh weather elements, this prevents moisture absorption that weakens the overall structure of the building. This in turn also prevents the chance of mould and bacteria growth.

The mechanical strength of the building is also significantly increased as the pollutants are kept out of the building. Using the best quality ACP sheets also ensures thermal insulation, improved acoustics and lesser temperature variation in the building.

Viva – A Juggernaut in the ACP Industry

At Viva, we manufacture one of the best quality ACP sheets in India. Our ACP sheets are lightweight, recyclable, non-corrosive and are available in a wide variety of shades, textures and finishes. Our superior quality ACP sheets can mimic the look of some materials like wood, marble and even galaxy to make the building look beautiful.

Corten-Steel Finished ACP is better than the Natural Corten Steel

Traditional Facade v/s Modern Façade: Which One Will Be Suitable For You?

Traditional Facade v/s Modern Façade: Which One Will Be Suitable For You? 768 475 Social Media

To compare traditional and modern façade designs, one can notice several differences which are more than just styles. The difference is prominent in construction methods, use of raw materials, and the approach to the designs themselves. Although, glass and steel are widely used in modern buildings; traditional buildings are more of stones, bricks, and wood. However, using ACP sheets for external cladding material and façade design is relatively a modern twist to traditional building designs.

Driven by the trends of the construction industry, commercial spaces are now more open to daylight and carry a signature of their own. The use of façade not only addresses such trends but also adds functional qualities to a building. That is where the need for external cladding or façade design begins.

In today’s time, no building can be entirely modern or entirely traditional. Integrating both the classic and modern features, contemporary style has been evolved. However, some clients prefer to go traditional even standing in the present times or some of them prefer modern minimalistic facade designs.

Check the features and current construction trends to choose the style that suits you the best. Let us see what differences traditional and modern facades have between them in terms of designs, technology, and other necessary parameters.

The classic or traditional facades that inspire designers

The process of designing or decorating a house can be very creative. Depending on the preferences of the clients like their aesthetic sense and lifestyle; the façade designs of the house can be determined. If the client opts for classic or traditional style, the ACP façade installation has to address all the details in an elaborative way.

Roman and Greek architectural styles are perfect examples of traditional designs if presented with a hint of neo-classical touch. Mainly, several artistic elements come together to feature a grand style in various residential and commercial properties in posh areas of the city. Creating a timeless aesthetic value, traditional façade designs differ from modern ones in patterns, shades, and shapes.

While working with traditional design, dark woods, marbles and rich tones must be your ideal choice. Patterns like florals, stripes dominate the traditional style. It is all about the elaborate and grand features of facade decoration. Moreover, creating a symmetrical design and using skylights are two of the significant thing if you decide to go all traditional.

Modern facades that reflect your style

This type of facade decor focuses on ‘intentional asymmetry’ unlike traditional design where the rustic features are achieved naturally. Modern facades often overlap creating abstract designs that are uneven. Modern does not have to be better than the traditional designs but when these two blends with each other contemporary style forms.

This style comes with a bold, structured approach and is available in multiple cladding options. Undoubtedly, this is the ultimate new-age facade design accepted by the current market trends and there is no better cladding material than ACP.

However, modern designs are more inclined to clean interiors, clutter-free and minimalistic. These looks are easily customized giving you the freedom of putting your ideas into life.

Modern or traditional: what’s your pick?

Be it modern or traditional façade classic designs never go out of style. At Viva, you can get to choose from more than 300 shades and the facility to get customized shade as per your requirement. Starting from Solid-Metalic Series to Wooden Series inspired from nature, from Classic Marble Series to Galaxy Series inspired from the solar system –Viva ACP is the perfect choice for both traditional and modern look of your facade décor.

Whatever your choice would be you name it and we have it at VIVA- the ultimate solution to all our cladding requirements.

How To Choose The Best ACP Sheet For Exterior

How To Choose The Best ACP Sheet For Exterior

How To Choose The Best ACP Sheet For Exterior 5350 3567 Social Media

The importance of ACP cladding in today’s generation cannot be neglected. Needless to mention, its high demand says it all.

Simply putting, Aluminium Composite Panel or ACP cladding is a flat panel that is made up of two thin coated aluminium coils with polyethene or FR core stuffed/sandwiched in between.

Its heavenly shades and textures are one of the primary reasons why it has gained such immense popularity. There are a plethora of other reasons such as its durability and lightweight.

There are a few special properties as well which include fire-retardant and anti-bacterial.

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But it is necessary for the buyer to understand what kind of ACP sheets would suit the exterior of their building. It requires immense visualization and thought to stand out and play your ACP game just right.

Here we have listed some of the tips that will help you to choose the best ACP sheets for your exterior design–

  • Longevity – This is the first and the most important factor to consider if you are planning to purchase ACP cladding for the exterior of your building. It is needless to mention that the exterior of the building is prone to rain, heat and other environmental effects. Aluminium composite Panels must have the ability to maintain their shape and size irrespective of how bad the weather condition becomes. It must be ideal for all the seasons and weather changes.

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  • Complement the interior – Your building must have a look and feel of its own. Therefore, the ACP cladding must be installed ensuring that it complements the interior of the building.

  • Choosing the perfect colour scheme – When it comes to ACP cladding, one must be very careful and thoughtful while choosing the shades. Remember, it is the colour of the ACP sheet that can elevate or demote the look of the building. ACP sheets are available in a wide range of shades which is beyond your imagination. We suggest you not to for the usual and boring shades. Choose modern and stylish shades. For instance, choose something that will represent the theme of your building.

At Viva, we are elated to present you with over 300 ACP shades. So if you are not getting the right shade ACP Sheets for your building, try us out. Also, we offer the option of customization as per the requirement of our customer.

Top 5 Reasons To Use Aluminium Composite Panels For Façade

Top 5 Reasons To Use Aluminium Composite Panels For Façade

Top 5 Reasons To Use Aluminium Composite Panels For Façade 1200 600 Viva Composite

First impressions last forever. The fact is you only get one chance to make the first impression that lasts a lifetime. Positive first impressions lead to the upliftment and negative first impressions lead to downfall.

Just like everything, your building or home needs to develop a positive first impression when people see it from outside.

best quality ACP sheets for ACP Facade

So, how can we make a building look visually appealing and aesthetic? The solution is Aluminium Composite Panels. Needless to mention, the building façade is the very first thing people notice when they see a building.

Aluminium Composite Panels are undoubtedly the best way to beautify and add a futuristic touch to your building. They are not only elegant but also have several properties which makes them one of the best material to beautify building facades.

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Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why you should use Aluminium Composite Panels for Façade –

  • Durable – The best thing about Aluminium Composite Panels is that they are durable and can also be cut, folded, drilled and perforated to various shapes. The best quality ACP sheets can also retain their colour, shape and size even after direct exposure to sunlight and weather changes which makes them ideal for all the seasons. ACP sheets are also soundproof and stain-resistant.

  • Low-cost maintenance – The cost of maintaining ACP sheets is negligible if you compare it with materials like wood, steel or concrete. Apart from being low-cost, it is also hassle-free to maintain. Aluminium Composite Panels don’t have to be cleaned very often and their cleaning process is also pretty easy. A simple wipe with a cloth is enough. It will remove the dirt or dust particles from its surface.

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  • Budget-friendly – Aluminium Composite Panels are one of the most cost-effective and budget-friendly cladding materials available in the market today. Also, since these panels are lightweight and easy to install, it lowers the labour and material cost. The best quality ACP sheets also feature thermal comfort which reduces energy consumption and thus, electricity bills.

  • Available in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes – Aluminium Composite Panels are available in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes which makes the ideal cladding materials. Viva, being one of the largest ACP sheet manufacturer in India provides 300+ ACP shades which can also be customized as per the requirement of the customer.

  • Fire resistance – ACP sheets are fire retardant as well. Viva is one of the leading manufacturers of fire-retardant ACPs in the country. Our fire-retardant ACPs Class B, Class A2 and Class A2 +  are certified by Thomas Bell-Wright and does not lead to flashover, produces negligible smoke and zero flaming droplets.

Best quality fire-retardant ACPs


These are some of the top reasons why ACPs are so preferred among builders and architects all over the globe. Viva is amongst the leading ACP sheet manufacturer in India known for having state-of-the-art Korean machines with advance technology to ensure top-notch products. If you’re planning to purchase the best quality ACP sheets, then Viva has you covered.

Highlighting the maintenance tips for Facades - ACP Facades

Highlighting The Maintenance Tips For Facades

Highlighting The Maintenance Tips For Facades 1200 600 Viva Composite

Façade is the exterior cladding material that uplifts the look of your building and gives it the makeover it deserves. With ACP cladding you need to keep few things in mind regarding the maintenance of the facades. The first step should be choosing the best quality ACP sheets with qualities like anti-scratch and self-cleaning. Here are a few tips regarding Façade cleaning.

The first and most simple step is to water rinse with moderate pressure to clean the dirt.  Detergent and sponge can be used according to the requirement of the material you are cleaning. Generally, some of the best ACP Manufacturers of India make facades with self-cleaning property in that case you need less amount of time and effort to clean the façade.

Some points should be kept in mind while cleaning the façade with detergent and water. Mild detergent or 5-10% IPA solution should be used with a sponge or soft rag while cleaning the façade. The movement of the sponge should be first vertically and then horizontally. Rinse the façade with clean water after washing it with detergent. After the cleaning is done, just air dry or wipe the surface with a lint-free cloth.

Sometimes stubborn stains can affect your best quality ACP sheets. You should use mild solvents like IPA, ethanol, or N-hexane to remove obstinate stains from your façade. When alcohol is used for some sort of cleaning it should always be diluted with 50% of water. Whenever you are using the undiluted solution for façade cleaning, a pre-test should be done to avoid damage. Solvents and emulsion cleansers can soften the coating of your façade so it should be spot tested before use.

For façade, cleaning does not use strong organic solvents such as MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone), MIBK (Methyl Iso-butyl ketone), Triclene, and paint thinner. Strong alkali, strong acid, and abrasive cleaners shouldn’t be used as they might remove the paint or swell it.

Always avoid extra heat to clean the coated surface of the façade. The heat will accelerate the chemical reaction and it will result in the evaporation of water from the solution. For façade cleaning, both high temperature and low temperature aren’t suitable. It should ideally be done at a moderate temperature on the shaded side of the building.

Viva is one of the most trusted ACP Manufacturers of India which produces stainless, no scratch, Antibacterial, and also fire retardant ACPs. Viva facades are low maintenance, easy to install, and also cost-effective. The stainless and no scratch property saves your time from the cleaning duty.

Choose The Right ACP Façade

How To Choose The Right Aluminium Composite Façade (ACP) For Your Next Innovative Project

How To Choose The Right Aluminium Composite Façade (ACP) For Your Next Innovative Project 668 510 admin

Given that ACP is widely used in interior and exterior spaces that require the usage of fire retardant, wind-resistant materials, it is very important that the purchased panels are of good quality. Unfortunately, due to the rising popularity of ACP sheets, many companies are procuring Chinese products that are sold saying they have manufactured products at cheap or equivalent rates in the market. It is very important that customers stay wary of fakes in the market for the sake of safety and quality.

The below checklist allows you to easily identify between fake and good-quality ACP sheets for ACP Cladding or ACP Façade :

According to international requirements, the inner panel of ACP must be 3mm, the outer wall panel must be 4mm or more, and the thickness of the aluminium must be 0.5 mm in thickness. To check this criterion, measure against the cross-section of samples provided to you, using a Vernier calipers. They can also be tested by a third-party testing laboratory such as Thomas Bell Wright.

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ACP sheets must have ripple-free, bubble-free smooth surfaces that don’t scratch or indent easily. Use a key to check the same. Ensure that the surface does not show any obvious defects. Good quality ACP sheets must have a scratch resistance of up to 4H.

Try to fold the corner of the ACP sheet. If the ACP – PE breaks very easily, it is not of good quality and uses non-standard cores. It can also show whether the adhesive used between the PE-core and Aluminium is of good quality or not. If you are going for large quantities, ask for a sample and smash it against a table. If it breaks easily, don’t buy it.

Good quality ACP sheets are coloured using the hot-pressing process so that the paint doesn’t peel off easily and the surface is scratch and indent free. Try to rub two ACP sheets against each other along the surface. If the paint comes off easily, the ACP is of inferior quality and uses substandard materials.

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To check the paint on the panel, you can also perform a drip test. Butanone exposes the Fluorocarbon coating on the exterior panel and xylene does the same for the inner coating. Wipe the reagent after 5 minutes and see if the bottom is exposed, so that you are sure that good quality paint is being used.

Use a lighter to burn the sheet on one corner. If real PE is used, there will no impurities left behind. If some soot or other materials are left behind after burning, fake or shoddy PE material is being used.

Most important of all, ask your ACP sheet manufacturer questions! ISO certified products are of premium quality and guarantee that you are paying the right price for the product you are purchasing.

For FR certifications, look for tests such as NFPA285, EN-13501, ASTM E119 which assures adherence to nationally and internationally recognized fire standards.

fire retardant acp | VIVA ACP

Being an informed customer is extremely important in this day and age. Carry out these simple tests before you pen down your next BOM so that you don’t waste time on subpar materials and manufacturers!

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