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Using Technical Education As A Solution To A Flawless Installation Of ACP Panels

Using Technical Education As A Solution To A Flawless Installation Of ACP Panels

Using Technical Education As A Solution To A Flawless Installation Of ACP Panels 1200 600 Social Media

Widely used in residential and commercial architecture, ACP panels are a new generation construction material that is well-known for their convenient installation and the durability they impart to the building’s infrastructure.

The rigidity, lightweight, and versatility of ACP panels allow them to be fabricated and clad on flat or curved surfaces. ACP panels provide you with the luxury to work on diverse projects like custom panels such as column coverings, drill panels, pillars warps, canopies etc.

Apart from heightening the aesthetic appeal of your interior and exterior landscape, ACP cladding offers impressive weather-proofing, thermal and sound insulation, and weather-resistant properties to the building.

But even though ACP panels can easily be processed and are fabrication-friendly, that is, they are easy to cut, weld, bend, and rivet, not knowing the correct installation procedure can defeat the purpose of their application.

So allow us to first walk you through the installation process of ACP panels following which we shall discuss why such technical knowledge is imperative. Let’s dive in right away.

  Measurement: It’s pretty much essential to measure the panel before you install it. The result of a small mistake in this step can ruin your efforts in the following steps.
•  Fabrication: ACP panels can be cut, folded, or drilled with the help of special cutting tools. This stage also involves the installation of fasteners and extrusions.
•  Waterproofing: The weather barrier is installed prior to applying the panels to the walls. During this step, the plywood is sprayed with a high-quality primer, and the weather barrier is applied or bituminous paint is applied on the wall to ensure the panels do not leak water.
•  Mounting system: The mounting system ensures that panels are installed in a straight line. Upon installation, the panels are arranged in a fixed order. The order will vary depending on some factors, such as the priority given to corners and particular shaped areas.
•  Installing ACP panels: This step entails, attaching the ACP panels to the mounting system. It is common to have a gap between the panels after installation. ACM panel manufacturers usually conceal gaps with matching strips of silicone. A final step includes using shims for leveling the panels and clips for attaching them.

Why the proper installation of ACP cladding is imperative?

The installation and fabrication of ACP cladding is no easy feat. ACP panels should be installed keeping in mind the elevation of the structure and the wind condition. Equipment expertise, strict deadlines, and excellent workmanship are some of the prerequisites to make the process a success.

Why does technical education matter for ACP cladding?

•  The thickness, shade, grade, framework of ACP panels ought to be selected meticulously as per the load applied to ensure sustainable performance.
•  Accurate measurements facilitate the appropriate grade and thickness to be used to suit varying projects.
•  To determine the thickness of the ACP panel, it is necessary to calculate the wind speed that the facade experiences.
•  The thermal movement caused by temperature fluctuations must be prevented by weatherproofing the ACP panels. If not, the ACP panels will bow, and the fasteners will lose their strength to an unacceptable degree.


What you choose to adorn your spaces defines your style and taste.

VIVA’s ACP panels perform uncompromisingly well when installers apply the correct and expert-recommended Fabrication techniques. Thus, if you want to leverage the zero undulation, unmatched flexibility, and exceptional weather-proofing capabilities of VIVA’s ACP panels, a careful approach to installation is a must.

Also, do not keep the knowledge to yourself. Instead, we urge you to circulate this blog to anyone you know who is contemplating the use of ACP cladding.

VIVA’s ACP In Teak Shade Will Leave You Spellbound

VIVA’s ACP In Teak Shade Will Leave You Spellbound 2500 1250 Social Media

Aluminum Composite Panels (ACPs) are an excellent choice for building structures that require substantial resistance to degradation.

ACPs have an exceptionally high decorative value, which has attracted modern-day architectural designers and builders to give both interior and exterior spaces an elegant, sleek, and classy appearance.

Aluminum Composite Panels (ACPs) are an excellent choice for building structures that require substantial resistance to degradation.

VIVA, a prominent name in the ACP industry with years of experience complementing our expertise, has been successful in exploring and expanding into new markets. We have succeeded in carving out a niche for ourselves in the Aluminum Composite Panel Industry as well.

Being a pioneer in the ACP cladding industry, Viva places customer satisfaction at the heart of all its activities. We love pampering our clients by offering a superabundance of breathtaking shades, remarkable textures, and eye-catching designs to pick from. We bet our 300+ hues will make your living space an artistic masterpiece.

VIVA 300+ ACP Shades

Viva’s ACP cladding in wooden series is available in a plethora of textures, colors, grunge overlays, and grain patterns. The ethos of eco-friendly brands fits very well with wood. Furthermore, wood is used in the making of modern musical instruments.

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The warm brown color of Teak is alluring and complements all spaces and surroundings. The delicate and sustainable shade of Teak renders a cozy and ‘close to nature atmosphere to the area of application without compromising the convenience of modern architecture. Adding teak shades to your residential or commercial spaces will add a rich aesthetic appeal to the architecture while adding a sense of luxury and elegance.

We feel honoured to announce that the renowned South Indian Music Director Prakash Ulliyeri entrusted us to design his Music Production Studio, Tatva – The Musical Solutions. Tatva is a 2500 square foot apartment, located in Puthur, Palakkad. Kaja Glass House is the artist behind the masterpiece. The project was delivered to our prestigious client in 20 days.

Prakash Ulliyeri, our esteemed client, requested that Tatva, his dream project, should feature a flamboyant Guitar theme. Thus, we customized the architecture of Tavta in such a way with our ACP cladding that it reflects the Director’s taste in music.

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Tatva is unmatched in its elegance and exudes an aura of sophistication, thanks to VIVA’s ACP cladding in exotic teak shades VA 344, VA 317, VA 114, and VA 399. We went out of our way to contribute to the intricate design of Tatva, keeping in mind the functionality of the building.

The Bottom Line

VIVA takes immense pride that our unwavering commitment to quality has led us to excel and thrive in the ACP cladding industry with aplomb.

We are an ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, CE, and LEED-certified company. We are equipped with the ultramodern Color Coating Line (CCL), enabling clients with varying requirements to choose their desired shade. Furthermore, we offer our clients the luxury of having ACP cladding that matches their corporate identities by providing them with customized solutions. We use peel-off resistant lead-free paint to negate any health hazards.

VIVA’s ACP cladding is no doubt every designer’s delight due to the creative freedom we offer.

Aluminium Composite Panels are preferred over other cladding materials - VIVA ACP Sheet

Why Aluminium Composite Panels Are Preferred Over Other Cladding Materials?

Why Aluminium Composite Panels Are Preferred Over Other Cladding Materials? 1200 600 Social Media

Beauty in architecture brings us immense joy and happiness. It is worthy of celebration as the aesthetics can make a significant positive difference on how a building looks.

Cladding on the exterior walls and even on the interior of homes and commercial spaces are nowadays becoming immensely popular due to its inherent advantages. It protects the structure from harsh weather conditions and increases its aesthetic value.

Back in the day when ACP sheets were not introduced in the market, every time a new project brief arrived, the architect had to go through the dilemma of selecting the right material for the façade. But today, as we have these modern cladding materials called Aluminium Composite Panels, things are much easier.

Many cladding materials have come and gone, but the beauty and benefits of Aluminium Composite Panels have stayed and will probably stay forever.

ACPs are always among the most preferred choices for cladding. But it’s not just the sheer aesthetics of ACP sheets that makes it immensely popular in the façade renovation sector and the first go-to product. The best quality Aluminium Composite Panels from the leading ACP sheet manufacturers in India boasts superior qualities like durability, fire-retardant, anti-bacterial, etc.

Now, let’s jump into the nitty-gritty why ACP cladding are preferred over other cladding materials.

Some of the other cladding materials are fiber Laminate Boards, Natural Stone, and Vitrified tiles.

Are Aluminium Composite Panels better than the above-mentioned materials? Let’s learn

  • Price–Although the prices of Aluminium Composite Panel vary from brand to brand, but in general the price of ACP cladding is significantly lower than that of wood and marble. ACP sheets are the most budget-friendly cladding materials available in the market.

  • Design and Texture–Being a leading ACP cladding manufacturer in India, we offer more than 300 shades to our customers which includes Corten Steel, Galaxy Desert, Mirror, Sparkle, etc. along with the convenience of customization. When ACPs are compared with their adversary materials their shades and textures are much limited.

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  • Weight – If the cladding material is heavy, then it will be difficult to handle and install. If it is a large-scale project then it will be even more difficult. As Aluminium Composite Panels are the most lightweight cladding materials, they are much easy to handle, install and disassemble. The lightweight feature of ACP cladding makes it easy to transport and use in construction activities.

  • Features – It is needless to mention the unique features of ACP panels. Apart from boosting the aesthetic appeal of a building, they are also available in fire-retardant and anti-microbial variant and they have several other unique properties. Other cladding materials do not have such features to boast of. 

Wrapping up

All the above-mentioned facts simply state how superior Aluminium Composite Panels are when compared to other cladding materials not only in terms of price but also from various other aspects.

However, if you are looking for superior quality ACP claddings, then we at Viva have got you covered with over 300+ shades and other unique features that our ACP sheets have.

Top 5 Fascinating Facts Less Known About VIVA and Its Aluminum Composite Panels

Top 5 Fascinating Facts Less Known About VIVA and Its Aluminum Composite Panels

Top 5 Fascinating Facts Less Known About VIVA and Its Aluminum Composite Panels 1200 600 Social Media

Contemporary architecture has become more about reflecting the personalities of the builders and owners. Many trends have come and gone in the past, but one trend that has flourished and continues to evolve with time is the use of aluminium composite panels.

It was long ago in 2003 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, that VIVA began its humble journey. Our business revolves around customer satisfaction, and we are consistently striving for excellence.

Let us take some time to explore some of the most intriguing facts about VIVA and its ACP cladding.

1.Fire-resistant – ACP cladding produces relatively less smoke than wood or plastics, and the smoke they produce mostly comprises nontoxic water vapour that does not contribute to suffocation in the event of a fire. Consequently, this leads to safer evacuations and fewer casualties. VIVA’s ACP panels can withstand fire for about 2hours. VIVA is the first manufacturing company in India to introduce ACCP (Aluminium Core Corrugated Panels) of FR Class A2+.

Best quality fire-retardant ACPs

2. Strong physical characteristics – ACPs are corrosion resistant and can resist extreme temperatures ranging from -50° to +80°. In addition, the low density of the core of our ACP panels provides exceptional dimensional stability and insulation properties (both heat and noise), keeping the building cooler and quieter. UV resistance is another advantage of ACP sheets. The thin aluminium coils are durable, impact-resistant, and feature a flat surface design to meet the expectations of the modern lifestyle.

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3. Customizable ACP boards can be customized according to the architecture style to mimic a wide range of textures, including wood, stainless steel, mirror, and stone. Moreover, ACP sheets can be bent into any shape, including convex, concave, diamond, dome, etc. VIVA’s ACP sheets have a reputation for sterling quality, intricate designs, and an array of refreshing colors and textures. We love spoiling our clients for choice by offering them the creative liberty to choose from our 300 shades of ACP sheet designs. If our range of hues does not appeal to you or does not meet your needs, then we also take custom orders for specific shades and lengths according to your preferences.

4. Ecologically friendly material: ACP panels are made of recycled materials such as aluminum, polymer, and minerals. As a result, our planet’s natural resources are preserved. Moreover, it is possible to recycle them easily without compromising their quality or value. Their energy-saving capabilities make them a highly valued component of solar, photovoltaic, and other systems. VIVA’s production facility is equipped with a solar power generator that generates 850 kWh of power and enables the efficient production of ACP sheets.

5. Nontoxic – ACP sheets of the highest quality are manufactured following strict industry standards and quality control measures. The health of workers is often compromised in industries like Marble which is why they suffer from rheumatoid pneumoconiosis – a disease caused by prolonged exposure to silica dust. Additionally, ACP sheets are printed with lead-free, VOC-free paints, minimizing the emission of hazardous fumes and toxic gases. There are 60 different types of testing equipment in our in-house testing labs, which we use to ensure product quality. VIVA’s aluminium composite panels are manufactured using materials sourced only from certified and trusted manufacturers in the industry. Hindalco, a company owned by Aditya Birla, supplies us with alloy aluminum coils of the 3003/ 3105/5000 series. The paints we use come from reputable brands like Nippon Paints, Monopol Colours, AkzoNobel, PPG Paints.

Wrapping up  

VIVA has contributed to the growth of the ACP sheet industry by fostering a culture of trust and reliability.

Hopefully, the above-stated facts about ACP cladding in general and VIVA, in particular, will satisfy your curiosity as to why our products are unique.

Aluminium Composite Panels: A Cost-Effective Building Material

Are You Looking For An ACP Sheet? We Have Got You Covered

Are You Looking For An ACP Sheet? We Have Got You Covered 1024 683 Social Media

Today ACP sheets are used for revamping the old age models by recreating new and refreshing designs. So, if you are looking to makeover your homes or office design then you have come to the right place. Here we will cover all the aspects of an ACP sheet.

ACP sheet

Aluminium Composite Panel also known as ACP sheet, defined a new wave of creation and design in the world of composite panels. The effective blend of aluminium with polyethylene or FR core helps the ACP sheets to overcome the drawbacks of the original material. Beautiful designs and architecture never fail to bring a piece of joy, and that what Viva the leading ACP sheet manufactures and supplier in India is looking forward to providing their customers with.

Dragging down by the lane here we list down the benefits of ACP sheet

We often get mesmerized by the designs we see in shopping malls, in offices, or at some homes. But set a step back by thinking that ACP sheets might require high maintenance and would require a huge cost to install. Well ACP sheets come with a lot of benefits like:

  • Easy to install – Yes, ACP sheets are very easy to install and takes up very little space in an area. So, you don’t have to worry about the part of the installation and space-saving.
  • Durable – ACP sheets or Aluminium Composite Panel can retain their shapes and size despite being exposed to the harsh weather conditions, and hence used as an effective material for exterior decoration along with interior design.
  • Low maintenance – ACP sheets do not require regular maintenance, just wipe them with a cloth to take the dust out and they will preserve formation longer than any other sheet.
  • Cost-effective – The main reason that bothers the mind of many individuals. Yes, ACP sheets are cost-effective as the points above are self-explanatory in stating the exact reasons as being easily installable, durable, and having a low maintenance cost make Aluminium Composite Panel budget-friendly.
  • Safe to use – ACP sheets are safe for residential buildings, offices, and homes for their incombustible nature.

These are the points that will help to break the ice of the norms and concepts that prevents you from installing ACP sheets at your homes or offices.

Now you have got an idea of all the benefits that ACP sheets provide you with. But what are the points that you should consider before buying an ACP sheet that would perfectly match your purpose? Let see the points below:

  1. Finishing of the product – The finishing of the ACP sheets must be of premium excellence. This is the visible fact that you should consider before buying. Therefore, it becomes important for a leading company like Viva to maintain a smooth texture and to provide their customers with ultimate satisfaction.
  1. Materials – This is an important aspect that one should consider before buying ACP sheets. As, materials include the sole purpose of safety and security to homes, buildings, and offices. Here, you must choose to select ACP sheets with properties like fire retardant, anti-bacterial, anti-scratch, and that includes self-cleaning. Viva is a brand to fulfills all the requirements when it comes to material and quality in Aluminium Composite Panel.
  1. Area of application – ACP sheets are excellent for filling up space creatively and for decorations in interiors or exteriors. Hence pertaining to that you must buy the ACP sheets that will match your purpose, and if you get confused about selecting your design then there are options to approach companies like Viva to solve your issue and hence building up an effective design.
  1. Sustainability – It is the cry of the hour, as the ACP sheet manufacturers like Viva have a job in their hands to make your place beautiful by reducing the maintenance cost and by not contributing to the waste fills of the cities. ACP sheets with recyclable features bring this in the construction of modern times.

These are some of the essential look bounds for the consumers who are looking forward to buying ACP sheets for their necessary purpose. These features could help them to amplify the benefits of using ACP sheets for construction projects by imparting all care and protection to their buildings.

Fire-retardant ACP sheets | NFPA 285, EN 13501-1 & ASTM D1929 Certification On Viva’s ACP

Fire-Retardant ACP Sheets – An Epitome Of Safety And Security

Fire-Retardant ACP Sheets – An Epitome Of Safety And Security 1200 600 Social Media

“Kill fire before it kills you” the significance of this proverb cannot be understated. Fire accidents can cause serious injury and damage to personal property and claim a huge number of lives as well. Any major fire accidents will not only steal properties but is also an immense threat to life.

It is needless to mention that any building is vulnerable to fire breakout or accident. A house or an office can easily catch fire from the misuse of any appliances and that is why it is imperative to take measures to ensure the safety of your family or employees. The primary objective here is to construct a structure that can resist fire and can prevent it from spreading.

This is where fire-retardant ACP sheets come into use. It is one of the most basic and essential things we can do to make a building fire-safe. Fire-retardant ACP sheets can minimize the risk attached to fire casualties by stopping the spread of fire. The best quality ACP sheets are also known for producing negligible smoke and zero flaming droplets.

What makes Viva the most trusted fire-retardant ACP sheet manufacturer in India?

Viva’s fire-retardant ACP sheets are acclaimed for being durable, strong, and lightweight. Our ACP sheets are also available in a vast variety of shades and textures.

Viva Fire Retardant ACPs

Here are some of the top reasons that make Viva the best fire-retardant ACP sheet manufacturer in India and why you should install it:

  • Doesn’t release toxic gases – In cases of fire accidents, the building releases some toxic gases from the burned building materials. Gases like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide as well as various other harmful chemicals and thermal irritants can damage people’s respiratory system and cause death. Viva’s fire-retardant ACP sheets do not release any toxic gases or chemicals.

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  • Negligible smoke – Viva’s ACP sheets produce negligible smoke during a fire breakout that helps the people evacuate the building easily and quickly.

  • Zero flaming droplets – Construction materials like polystyrene can melt during a fire breakout and produce flaming droplets which can spread the fire. Viva’s fire-retardant ACP sheets produce zero flaming droplets and prevent the fire from spreading.

  • Minimum heat release – The heat released from Viva’s ACP sheets is significantly low which does not spread the fire and helps to maintain the temperature.

Wrapping up

Having effective fire safety procedures and measures can save lives. Taking the appropriate measures can minimize the damage caused when a fire occurs. Viva’s superior quality fire-retardant ACP sheets, can save you from a great deal of harm and also prevent deaths caused due to the inhalation of smokes and fumes in event of a fire breakout.

How To Choose The Best ACP Sheet For Exterior

How To Choose The Best ACP Sheet For Exterior

How To Choose The Best ACP Sheet For Exterior 5350 3567 Social Media

The importance of ACP cladding in today’s generation cannot be neglected. Needless to mention, its high demand says it all.

Simply putting, Aluminium Composite Panel or ACP cladding is a flat panel that is made up of two thin coated aluminium coils with polyethene or FR core stuffed/sandwiched in between.

Its heavenly shades and textures are one of the primary reasons why it has gained such immense popularity. There are a plethora of other reasons such as its durability and lightweight.

There are a few special properties as well which include fire-retardant and anti-bacterial.

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But it is necessary for the buyer to understand what kind of ACP sheets would suit the exterior of their building. It requires immense visualization and thought to stand out and play your ACP game just right.

Here we have listed some of the tips that will help you to choose the best ACP sheets for your exterior design–

  • Longevity – This is the first and the most important factor to consider if you are planning to purchase ACP cladding for the exterior of your building. It is needless to mention that the exterior of the building is prone to rain, heat and other environmental effects. Aluminium composite Panels must have the ability to maintain their shape and size irrespective of how bad the weather condition becomes. It must be ideal for all the seasons and weather changes.

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  • Complement the interior – Your building must have a look and feel of its own. Therefore, the ACP cladding must be installed ensuring that it complements the interior of the building.

  • Choosing the perfect colour scheme – When it comes to ACP cladding, one must be very careful and thoughtful while choosing the shades. Remember, it is the colour of the ACP sheet that can elevate or demote the look of the building. ACP sheets are available in a wide range of shades which is beyond your imagination. We suggest you not to for the usual and boring shades. Choose modern and stylish shades. For instance, choose something that will represent the theme of your building.

At Viva, we are elated to present you with over 300 ACP shades. So if you are not getting the right shade ACP Sheets for your building, try us out. Also, we offer the option of customization as per the requirement of our customer.

Why Should You Opt For Wooden Aluminium Composite Panels

Why Should You Opt For Wooden Aluminium Composite Panels?

Why Should You Opt For Wooden Aluminium Composite Panels? 1200 628 Viva Composite

The popularity of Aluminium Composite Panels has been increasing and no wonder why. The LDPE core merged between two aluminium sheets are called sandwich ACP panels which are known for the rigidity of the material, and the technology of continuous coating that makes their surface perfectly even. No hassle is involved during installation and being lightweight, transportation becomes easier with Viva Aluminium Composite Panels.

Even with such an array of advantages, clients always look for more. Viva brings a wide range of ACPs which give your interior and facades an aesthetic and contemporary look. Clients can always mend Aluminium Composite Panels as per their taste in designs and transform any interior into traditional or modern.

Features Of Wooden Aluminium Composite Panels As An Interior Décor Material

Wooden finish stands out in any form of interior or façade décor. Bringing a class of its own, it pleases aesthetic minds effortlessly. It adds a rustic yet modern charm to otherwise mundane settings.

Wooden Aluminium Composite Panels are known for their ethereal beauty. Be it residential or commercial, it soothes your senses whenever you come across its ‘Inspired by Nature’ décor. To add hues of nature into your home or office décor, bring wooden finish, aluminium composite panels today.

Benefits Of Wooden Aluminium Composite Panels

  • Budget-friendly: Wooden ACPs are very economic as compared to other available cladding materials in the market. Apart from providing a plethora of functional advantages, it helps to make additional savings.
  • Sustainable and rigid: As the raw materials used to manufacture such ACPs are rigid, it helps each of the panels achieve high quality and durability. These sustain against harsh weather conditions and repel stain too.
  • Enhances style and appearance: Wooden finish aluminium composite panels always come with innovative patterns and prints inspired by natural textures. It not only soothes your tired eyes but also brings calmness to your surroundings. With customization and experimentation with colours, textures, and finishes; designs can be crafted the way clients want.
  • Low-maintenance: A wooden, aluminium composite panel does not require regular maintenance. Dust and dirt can be wiped out with a duster or a piece of soft cotton cloth very easily.
  • Multiple applications, one ACP: Wooden finish ACPs from Viva give your office or home the desired look you have been dreaming of. Starting from façade decoration to interior decoration, Viva’s aluminium composite panels with wooden finish can be applied to all such requirements.

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Always Choose What Is Best In The Market

If you are thinking to incorporate wooden ACPs into your interior or façade installations, look no further when we are here. We are your first choice to go for. These are available in many colours and textures. Adding beauty to the building, it brings a distinct character to the project and creates a signature of its own.

That is why; the popularity of ACP Cladding in commercial or administrative building construction has been growing along with their usage in landmark buildings like academic or public health service centers. Choose Viva’s Aluminium Composite Panels as these superior qualities, wooden finish solid ACP sheets are certified by IGBC and possess no threat to our environment.

Elevation ACP Sheet Design

Use Front Elevation ACP Sheet Design For a Sustainable House Plan

Use Front Elevation ACP Sheet Design For a Sustainable House Plan 1200 600 Viva Composite

The aluminium composite panel also referred to as ACP sheet, is considered to be one of the most popular and preferred materials used in the construction industry. The ACP sheets are in increasing demand nowadays. You can describe it as a modern-day building material that not only facilitates architects, interior designers and builders but also is environment friendly! The rapid evolution of ACP sheet design has opened a new road to sustainable architecture!

ACP Sheet Front Elevation Design

Commonly known as “Entry Elevation”, the front elevation includes the windows or chimneys that project the front side of the building. The ACP sheet front elevation design is mainly used to make the building look beautiful from both inside and outside. Also, to know more about elevation design, you can read this blog – ACP Elevation Design-Everything You Need To now.

A large number of building designers and architects prefer to use Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) sheets for front elevation as it has distinct advantages. Hopefully, the year 2021 will see a stupendous rise in the use of modern ACP Sheet front elevation design.

Rough Draft For House Plan

When you want your front elevation ACP sheet design, you are required to prepare a rough draft of the floor plan. The size of your house plays a vital role in estimating the amount and types of materials needed. Some architectural details are required which include the total number of doors, windows and entry point to your house. All these factors are essential to get a rough idea of what kind of house plan you require.

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How To Get Front Elevation ACP Sheet Design?

  • Take a picture of your house plan and share site photos.
  • Acquire the price for the front elevation ACP sheet design project
  • Make the payment in advance for the front elevation ACP sheet design project
  • The authorized company will start working on the front elevation ACP sheet design.
  • Generally, it takes 2-3 working days to complete the entire task.

Benefits Of ACP Sheet In Architecture

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are planning to build an apartment? It’s the durability and safety of the building. There is more to sustainable architecture than just designing buildings that are durable. ACP sheet, aids in actual sustainable architecture.

Five Benefits Of Using ACP Cladding

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Here are a few benefits of incorporating ACP sheet design in architecture.

  • Recycled ACP Sheets: The ACP sheet is primarily made of recycled items such as aluminum, polymer and other minerals. Choosing to use Aluminum Composite Panels is equivalent to encouraging sustainability as it is totally recyclable and retains all the design qualities.

  • Weather Resistant: Besides offering numerous design options for architects, ACP sheets provide beautifully designed surfaces that are climate resistant and sturdy. An aluminum composite panel can withstand adverse weather conditions. This makes it durable and sustainable architectural options.

  • Strong And Lightweight: As aluminium is a strong metal, it aids in sustainable architecture. The composite panels are as strong as steel and are lightweight as well. These can be a huge boon in today’s modern architecture.

  • Pleasant Environments: As ACP sheets provide insulation, the energy costs are considerably low. That is why glass sheets reflect more heat into the environment as compared to aluminium composite panels.

  • Climate: Sustainable architecture depends on the choice of materials to be used. A climate-responsive front elevation ACP sheet design indicates the climatic pattern of that particular place where the building is going to be constructed.

  • Cost-Effective: Aluminum Composite Panels are extremely affordable and can be used as a substitute for marble or any other stone cladding.

  • Fire-retardant:  ACP sheets can be fire retardant as well. Viva is one of the leading manufacturers of fire-retardant aluminium composite panels. Fire retardant ACPs stop the spread of fire and reduce its intensity.VIVA acp sheet fireproof

It is therefore almost a true fact that ACP sheets can accord a helping hand towards sustainability and emerge as a newfound material for sustainable architecture. Viva is one of the leading names in the manufacturing and supplying of ACP Sheets in India. We have been in this business for over 18 years and have been performing with aplomb. When it comes to our products, we maintain very high standards and that is why numerous architects, builders and fabricators love our products.

Top Five Benefits Of Using ACP Cladding For Commercial Constructions

Top Five Benefits Of Using ACP Cladding For Commercial Constructions

Top Five Benefits Of Using ACP Cladding For Commercial Constructions 1200 600 Viva Composite

Using Aluminum composite panels or ACPs as a cladding material in contemporary buildings has now become a mandate. ACP Cladding offers a structure that is modern and more secure. That is why it is extensively used for building and facade elevation these days. It has proven to be all architects’ favorites as it comes at a budget-friendly price with sheer aesthetics and a wide range of advantages.

ACP Cladding is also known as sandwich panel as two aluminium sheets are stuck to a non-aluminum core for enhanced durability. Let us have a look at some of its benefits to help builders take wise decisions while they plan for their next project.

Composition of Aluminium Composite Panels or ACPs

1. Work smooth & easy:

ACP’s flexibility and light-weight make it easy to bend, fold or turn it in any direction easily without any possibility of cracks or additional structural pressure. It helps while working on a various interior or exterior cladding and façade elevation. As an integral part of modern architecture, ACP cladding offers utter flatness and smoothness resulting in more linear surfaces with a polished finish.

2. Do it for the aesthetics:

Play with shades, color tones, textures and patterns as ACP cladding materials are available in an array of aesthetic finishes. The design is customizable based on your choice of solid colors, glossy & matte finishes or wood, stone and abstract patterns. The variety of designs crafts your dream project into reality.

Five Benefits Of Using ACP Sheet or ACP Cladding

3. Make your building fire-safe:

One of the major reasons for choosing ACP cladding is it provides safety against fire accidents. The fire retardant property comes from the mineral core it has in between two ACP Sheets. Except for stopping the fire from spreading, it also helps stop harmful smoke from emission and flaming droplets from spreading during such disasters.

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4. Safeguard the property from harsh weather & dust:

Aluminium composite panels have a coat of PVDF or Polyvinylidene fluoride resin not only to add shine to the surface but also to make it UV-resistant. These panels perform the best in harsh weather conditions as well. These sheets do not welcome bacteria and microbes and reduce the chances of cross-contamination instead. Due to its flat and shiny surface, it is easy to clean dirt and debris. Just some water, mild soap and a soft piece of cloth can make your ACP cladding as good as new.

5. Recycle for a greener tomorrow:

The use of ACP cladding promotes sustainability as these are recyclable. Both the mineral core and aluminium sheets can be scrapped off in need of producing something new with the same.

Last but not the least, a proper installation is required no matter how easy the application process seems. A faulty installation might lead to water leakage into the building in case of heavy rain, storms or hurricanes. Always call for professional help whenever you choose ACP cladding for your construction project. With 18 glorious years of experience, Viva provides you with extremely stylish NFPA 285 certified B1 fire retardant ACPs to fulfil whatever a modern construction might need.

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Mumbai, Maharastra – 400059

1800-313-3770 (Toll Free)

About us

A leader in the world of Aluminium Composite Panels, Viva Composite Panel Pvt. Ltd has come a long way since its inception in 2003. Viva is a premier ACP sheet manufacturer in India making use of state-of-the-art Korean machines with advance technology to ensure top-notch ACP sheets. Viva has 18 warehouses across all the major cities of India and more than 500 dealer network across the country.

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