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How important are Facade Consultants when it comes to ensuring beauty inside and out of modern construction?

How important are Facade Consultants when it comes to ensuring beauty inside and out of modern construction? 1200 600 Social Media

Taking into account the complexity involved in modern-day façades, the design, procurement, engineering, and execution process needs a specialist team that can comprehend the specific requirements and help execute world-class façades. This is where façade consultants come into play.

If the façade turns out to be as planned, we can ensure the success of our project and prevent a costly failure.

What is the importance of facades in architecture?

In addition to being an integral part of the design of a building, the façade also gives the passerby a first impression of what to expect from the structure as a whole.

The façade design not only enhances building design but also adds various functional characteristics such as durability, strength, and security.

Exterior ACP panels do more than adding aesthetic appeal to outward-facing walls.

Due to the constant reformulation of green building regulations, facades are the most critical aspect of a structure since they affect its light transmittance, acoustics performance, and ventilation.

A properly designed façade can help reduce the building’s energy consumption. Improving natural lighting and offering better airflow helps to bring the energy costs down considerably, and add to the lifespan of the building.

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The reason for the growing importance of Facade Consultants in the Facade Industry

It has taken a relatively short time for facade consulting to grow from an almost nonexistent specialization into a potentially high-growth area in India’s construction industry.

It is due to the fact that there has been considerable development in the construction industry.

Gone are the days when a building served merely as a shelter. In recent years, the definition of a facade has undergone a dramatic change due to the separation of the ‘skin’ from the structure (aluminum composite panel cladding), as well as the emergence of new materials and technologies. More and more building projects have incorporated aluminum composite panel cladding into their architecture. Thus the critical input of the facade consultant is imperative for an optimum façade performance and satisfactory outcome.

The Role of Facade Consultants For Successful Construction

There are many aspects to a building’s design, including structural, aesthetic, thermal, safety, security, material, and more. How should the overall facade be oriented with respect to the roads and sightlines? How will the structure interact with its natural and artificial surroundings? – Façade consultants are constantly searching for ways to enhance a building’s performance. The façade engineer is responsible for making the space comfortable for the occupants, so everything from the amount of light that will enter the building to noise levels from the outside environment needs to be taken into consideration.

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In addition to ensuring seamless and coordinated construction, a façade consultant can help in three significant ways:

Increasing the use of sustainable products in contemporary construction is a key concern since they reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency, resulting in lower environmental impact in the future. Government-specified sustainability targets and performance criteria are pre-evaluated by facade consultants.

They have the right resources, experience, and expertise to provide continued advice on ACP panel design including finishes, performance criteria (fire safety, weather-proofing, anti-scratch), technical and cost constraints, etc.

A large part of their job entails construction supervision. A facade consultant is responsible for assisting in perfecting features and prototype validation, monitoring and inspecting supplies at production sites, assisting in investigations of reported failures and defects, etc.


Oftentimes, the cost of building the facade is 35 percent of the total project cost. This cost, however, is considered worthwhile so long as the design is sound.

No doubt, facade consultancy presents many challenges. Even so, these challenges are what make the job of a façade engineer one of the most creative and interesting within the ACP panel industry.


Viva fire-resistant ACP sheets: Here's everything you need to know

VIVA’s Fire-Resistant ACP Sheets: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

VIVA’s Fire-Resistant ACP Sheets: Here’s Everything You Need To Know 1200 600 Social Media

There is an ancient saying that “A storm can arise from a clear sky”, which implies that risk is a part of our lives. However, another expression says that it is “Better to be safe than sorry.” which implies that being prepared for the worst in advance does not harm.

While aesthetics are important, the real question is how well-equipped is your architecture to stand tall and strong in times of adversity?

With high-rise buildings clustering the city skylines and new infrastructures sprawling across cities, fire safety has become an issue of utmost concern worldwide. This is owing to the fact that fire mishaps can occur out of a clear sky, endangering the existence of the building and those residing within it.

Thus, using certified fire retardant construction material has become the need of the hour for every modern infrastructure.

To combat the dangers of a fire outbreak, VIVA is the first to come up with FR-grade Aluminium Corrugated Composite Panels in India.

VIVA’s fire retardant ACP sheets are offered in three grades – Class B, Class A2+, and Class A2. The FR class B comprises 70% Mineral & 30 % Polyethylene recycled Core, whereas the FR class A2 includes 90% Mineral & 10 % Polyethylene recycled Core.

What is a Fire-Resistant Aluminum Composite Panel’s working principle?

What empowers fire-retardant ACP sheets with self-extinguishing property is the ultra-modern technology used to build the Core that comprises minerals like AluminiumTrihydroxide& Magnesium Dihydroxide. It is this inorganic mineral-filled, polymer-bonded halogen-free core that is responsible for preventing combustion and ignition from taking place.

Viva has introduced FR class A2+, also known as ACCP (Aluminum core corrugated panel), which was the first of its kind in India. It has honeycomb core sandwiched between two aluminium coils. It does not contain any polyethylene core, the fire triangle is broken by eliminating the fuel element.

What are the benefits of using Fire-Resistant ACP sheets?

Statistics unveil that about 80% of fire-related casualties are linked to the emission of toxic smoke, which is a dreadful combination of CO and CO2. Thick black smoke emitted from combustible materials like furniture acts as a choking hazard for the victims. Moreover, the dense smoke distorts the vision and makes it even more difficult for them to flee from the escape routes.

Fire-retardant ACP sheets do not release any threatening thermal irritants or toxic fumes that can be detrimental to the health of the respiratory system. Rather, a small amount of water is emitted, causing harmless water vapor and non-toxic smoke to be released.

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The poor thermal conductivity of FR aluminium composite panels leads to a negligible spread of fire for up to 2 hours. Since they do not participate actively in combustion, FR-grade ACP sheets do not release excessive heat onto other materials that can cause a fire.

Instead of melting into flaming droplets, fire retardant ACP sheets transform into harmless dust particles. Moreover, they do not come off the façade when the building is doused with water through a fire hose by the firefighters.

All these factors facilitate hassle-free evacuations of the occupants from the fire-engulfed building and minimize the damage to your dream project.

Why choose VIVA’s Fire-Retardant ACP panels?

Viva’s smoke-free FR-grade ACP sheets are designed to effectively protect high rises beyond 15 meters.

Our FR-grade aluminum composite panels emit negligible heat, so the temperature of the building is kept to an acceptable level.

Lastly, VIVA’s FR Class B ACP sheets are certified by international consultants Thomas Bell-Wright and accredited with NFPA 285, EN 13501, ASTM D1929, and ASTM E84. Our FR Class A2+ and Class A2 comply with EN 13501 and ASTM D1929

Last words

There is no such thing as too much safety, especially against the wrath of fire.

It would not be wise to completely exclude the possibility of a fire accident in a building, no matter how much we hope it never happens. Therefore, installing an FR-grade ACP sheet is a necessity (not an option) for modern structures if you want to enhance the fire security rating of the same.

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